PVC plastic sheet - PVC plastic plate related knowledge

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At home decoration life, the rubber sheet is essential. Especially for the insulation, plastic sheet is very important. At present there are many types of rubber on the market, but the more popular or pvc plastic sheet. How much do you know about pvc? Xiaobian asked you to do the following details of the pvc plastic sheet, hoping to help your life.

Pvc plastic sheet - pvc plastic sheet

Pvc plastic plate is the direction of the logs along the ring to cut into large sheets of single board, after drying, after coating by the adjacent veneer layer grain direction perpendicular to the principle of billet, glued from the plate. The number of veneer layers is odd, usually three to thirteen layers, common plywood, pallets, pallets, and triclines (commonly known as the three-plate, five per cent, nine per cent, thirteen board). The outermost front panel is called a panel, the back is called a backplane, and the inner board is called a core plate.

Pvc plastic sheet - pvc plastic plate classification

A class of pvc plastic sheet for the weather resistance, resistance to boiling water pvc plastic sheet, and thus and its durable, high temperature, the advantages of steam treatment;

Two types of pvc plastic plate for the water pvc plastic plate, can be immersed in cold water and short time hot water immersion;

Three types of pvc plastic plate for the tide-resistant pvc plastic sheet, can be immersed in cold water for a short time, suitable for indoor use at room temperature. For the use of furniture and general construction; four types of pvc rubber plywood for the tide, in the indoor normal use, general use pvc plastic sheet with beech, linden wood, ash, birch, elm, poplar, etc. The

Pvc plastic sheet - pvc plastic sheet composition principle

Symmetry principle: veneer on both sides of the symmetry center plane, regardless of the thickness of the tree veneer, the number of layers, the manufacturing method, the fiber direction and the moisture content of the veneer should correspond to each other, that is, the principle of symmetry pvc The stress in different directions is equal. Therefore, when the moisture content of pvc rubber sheet changes, its structure is stable, there will be no deformation, cracking and other defects; the other hand, if the symmetry center on both sides of the corresponding layer there are some differences, will be symmetrical center plane on both sides of the board Stress is not equal, so that pvc plastic plate deformation, cracking.

Odd layer principle: Since the structure of the pvc rubber sheet is that the fiber direction of the adjacent layer veneer is perpendicular to each other and must conform to the principle of symmetry, its total number of layers must be odd. Such as: three-tier board, five board, seven board and so on. Odd layer pvc The maximum horizontal shear stress acting on the center veneer when bending, so that it has a greater strength. Even the largest layer of pvc plastic plate bending when the maximum horizontal shear stress on the adhesive layer instead of acting on the veneer, easy to glue layer damage, reducing the pvc rubber sheet strength.

Pvc rubber sheet - pvc plastic panel of the decorative panels

 Decorative veneer veneer veneer pvc plastic sheet, it is the natural wood or technology wood cut into a certain thickness of the film, adhere to the pvc plastic sheet surface, and then made of hot for a decoration or Furniture made of surface material. Common decorative panels are divided into natural wood veneer panels and artificial veneer trim panels. Artificial veneer veneer and natural wood veneer veneer appearance difference is that the texture of the former is basically straight texture or pattern rules; and the latter is a natural wood pattern, texture pattern natural, variability is relatively large, no rules. Its characteristics: both with the beautiful pattern of wood, but also to make full use of timber resources, reducing costs.

On the pvc plastic plate related knowledge, Xiaobian asked you to introduce here, after reading the above description, you know it? Have a good product, our life will be guaranteed, of course, pvc plastic sheet is no exception, otherwise it will affect our comfortable normal life. If you are renovating, are you still hesitating? Hurry to buy pvc plastic bar it.

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